HOA Property Management


Compass Property Management, LLC is a newer management company in Southern Oregon with a number of years of management experience in Oakland, Chicago, and Portland.  Our goal is to never treat our owners or tenants as just another property or a number in the system.  Good communication between our clients and management staff is essential for making everyone happy and avoiding any issues.  We believe that creating a sense of community and owner/tenant pride in their living environment is essential to our success.



All client funds are deposited into a client trust operating account within a federal banking institution.  These funds are used for the expenses related to your property or community.  Our property management software allows for both tenant and owner access to all documents and ledgers.  We also have a system for approving, tracking, and record keeping of all work orders and maintenance.   Monthly detailed financial and maintenance reports will be sent out the 15th of each month.  



These services are included in the monthly management fee:

Accounting and Administration:

  • Collect Owners Assessments
  • Pay Bills
  • Provide monthly income & expense reports
  • Follow up with late & delinquent owners
  • Complete monthly bank reconciliation
  • Submit annual reports for state agencies
  • Prepare and submit Annual Management Plan
  • Minimal weekly visits/inspection of site
  • 24 hour emergency service to owners
  • Keep all owner/property files up to date at our office
  • Maintain owner directory
  • Maintain permanent file of Condo Rules, Bylaws & Declaration
  • Arrange for attorney to send collection letters & file liens on accounts in arrears
  • Stay informed of revisions in Condo laws
  • Obtain bids for insurance renewal if necessary
  • Publish newsletter, edited & supplied by Board of Directors
  • Work with owners regarding illegally parked vehicles
  • Respond to complaints from owners regarding pets that are unleashed/or not picked up after
  • Resolve any other owner concerns/complaints/violations
  • Conduct owner mailings
  • Mail monthly statements
  • Assemble  and distribute newsletter
  • Assemble and mail monthly Board packets 2 weeks prior to Board meetings
  • Assemble, mail agenda, and reports for the Annual meeting
  • Prepare annual budget with treasurer
  • Maintain Association web site and links (domain name additional charge)

Maintenance and Landscaping:

  • Confer with Board President once a month
  • Log & track all work orders
  • Review work order log with the President on a regular basis
  • Use licensed and bonded companies/contractors
  • Identify problems, research options & submit to board
  • Set specifications for bid work and solicit bids
  • Submit bids with recommendations to the Board
  • Maintain permanent subcontractor files
  • Review and track all maintenance services
  • Hire and monitor the work of vendors
  • Notify Owners of work schedules
  • Sign off on satisfactory work
  • Sign time sheets
  • Annual Budget Review
  • Code Violations
  • Safety hazards
  • Weatherization

Following work will be handled by subcontractors or our in-house maintenance staff:

  • Lawns - Maintenance and flower beds
  • Trees & Bushes - Maintenance, removal & planting
  • Plumbing ) water, sewer, and back-flow testing
  • Storm drains
  • Sprinkler System and Repair
  • Electrical - Lights
  • Siding, Decks & Walls
  • Painting
  • Pool refurbishment (when needed)
  • Pest control
  • Street & sidewalk repair & maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Legal contractors
  • Insurance Vendors

We also will customize management packages to fit the needs of the owners.  To receive a customized quote please select from the list above what items you would like in your management package.